Here at Zombie Run UK we’ve partnered with ‘Body By Vi’ and their sensational ‘Project 10 Challenge’

The message is a simple one

1) Are you looking to

– Lose weight

– Gain lean muscle

– Improve fitness

Then the project 10 challenge can help with a simple, easy to follow meal replacement program taken over 90 days.


2) Take a new challenge

– Run a 5km

– Simple steps towards better nutrition

– Increased regular activity

All of the above we can support with.

At Zombie Run UK we’re not into fad dieting, we all know what we should be doing to get healthier but sadly for whatever reason many of us choose not to. The ‘Project 10 Challenge’ is simply a fun, easy first step. Lose some weight easily and then watch peoples self motivation take over, and we’re there to support with the next steps, its a privilege to partner with this amazing company and what they are doing all over the world. With obesity levels rising fast they are making a serious dent in the problem. Its amazing to have watched so many of our customers share their stories already and new runners taking on an event after completing the challenge, many of which have never been into running before.

As well as all the support, every time someone loses 10lb with ‘Project 10’

– Meals donated to children suffering from obesity

– Meals donated to Food Banks across the UK

– 10 chances to win £600

– A free Tshirt

For more information about the ‘Project 10 Challenge’ you can visit

Also feel free to speak with the Zombie Run UK founder and managing director Matthew, he has taken the challenge personally and will be happy to talk you through any questions 01522 809028.


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