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The living dead will be littered all over the course… BEWARE!!

Each runner will be equipped with a utility life belt which contains 3 life tags.

The zombies throughout the course will be aiming to steal your life tags and you’ll have to be nimble and quick to make it past the infected hordes.

If you lose all three don’t worry… the virus is slow to take effect and you should have time to complete the race. However you are infected, our decontamination team will do their best to reverse the effects at the finish line.



Zombies will only ever take one life tag at a time

There will be no intentional physical contact between Zombies and runners

Zombies will never intentionally obstruct you


 Positioned throughout the race will be our Zombie Response State Troopers team. If you violate any of these rules they will caution you and if needs be, escort you off the premises without a refund.

1) No intentional physical contact between Runners and Zombies. Those in violation of this rule will be considered infected and escorted off the premises and shot.

2) No hiding your tags…Remember, you’re only cheating yourself, your friends and your family… you’ll need to live with the shame for the rest of your life.

3) Please be in position for your race wave 15 minutes prior to the start, you will be informed of your wave time well before the race day.

4) No Alcohol before the race.. Infected is OK but if you turn up intoxicated then you’ll not be allowed to participate.

5) No pets… Only guide dogs fully trained for an apocalypse will be allowed on site.

6) Follow all instructions given by staff and stewards during the day.

7) You will get wet, muddy and covered in Zombie debris. Bring some dry clothing.

8) There are no ATM’s on site, bring cash.

9) Fancy Dress all the way, dress ready for the Apocalypse. If you need any tips just look at Dog the Bounty Hunter.

10) Arrive an hour before race time for registration / mental preparation.