Be afraid – be VERY afraid because it’s the end of the world as we know it! We have reports that bloodthirsty,
flesh-hungry zombies are heading this way – and only you can save yourself!

Negotiate the 5k course including obstacles and evade the zombies to reach the de-contamination chamber and your safety! Can you make it?

Each runner will be equipped with a utility life belt which contains three life tags.

The zombies throughout the course will be aiming to steal your life tags and you’ll have to be nimble and quick to make it past the infected hordes.

If you lose all three don’t worry… the virus is slow to take effect and you should have time to complete the race. You will still be infected, but our decontamination team will do their best to reverse the effects at the finish line.

We promise:

  • Zombies will only ever take one life tag at a time
  • There will be no intentional physical contact between Zombies and Runners
  • Zombies will never intentionally obstruct you

Once registered:

  • You will receive a welcome pack providing information about the event.
  • You will also be able to fill out all the attendee details.

For more details about the race and other queries, please visit our FAQS page or contact Helen via

if you wish to take part in the zombie run either ring 01388 603003 before 4pm today, otherwise you can pay on the day at registration between 11am and 12noon on Sunday 29th October at Witton Castle, Bishop Auckland DL14 0DE

10% discount for groups with 10 or more people