Prefer to chase than be chased? Got a taste for the dramatic? Bit of a prankster?

We need you! We are looking for volunteers willing to unleash their ‘inner zombie’! Dress up (there’s a competition for the most spine-chilling zombie) and come along to scare the living daylights out of our would-be survivors as they run for their lives!

As a Zombie, you will be tasked with scaring the living daylights out of the runners, while attempting to infect them.

Runners will be completing a 5K obstacle course. They will be wearing a tag rugby style belt with three health tags. Your role (alongside, scaring the life out of them) will be to steal the health tags, symbolising
their infection.

You will not be running the 5K course. Alternately, if you would rather be less hands on, that is absolutely fine. We will also need stumbling/groaning zombies adding to the apocalyptic atmosphere of the track.

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For more details about the race and other queries, please visit our FAQS page or contact Helen via helenkirby@butterwick.org.uk.

Before registering please click here to read the health and safety section of the zombie guide. Please register everyone separately


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